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  • Giant Alien Robots in Area 51
    Scott C. Waring, a self-described ufologist, has found giant alien robots in Area 51. You can see them yourself. Type the exact coordinates into Google maps: 37°13’26.26″N 115°49’2.37”W See right next to the map pin, the outline of a giant alien robot? A military giant alien robot, if you believe Scott… Read more »
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  • What the Indramat Manual Says About F634 Errors
    Generally speaking, your Indramat troubleshooting guide is a valuable resource. It allows you to quickly look up Indramat faults and error codes, which can lead to speedy and efficient troubleshooting. However, troubleshooting guides aren’t very helpful when it comes to some Indramat error codes, like F634 errors. Indramat F634 Emergency-Stop… Read more »
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